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4" LG.W Color Green Flexible Grinding Wheel For Stainless Steel/Inox

  • brand_name:LG.W
  • SIZE:T42-4" 103*3*16MM
  • model_number:LGW-GG1030316
  • SPEED:80M/S
  • type:1NET
  • color:GREEN
  • hardness:Q
  • grit:24#/36#/60#/80#/100#/120#/240#/320#

LG.W Flexile Grinding Wheel,The Product Use The High Quality Raw Materials,Product Has Good Strength,High Hardness,Good Grinding Effect,Product Through Full Automatic Molding Machine And full Automatic Tunnel Kiln Temperature Control,Ensure Product Quality Stability And Security,Products Must Be After Each Inspection Can Be Sold To Each Customer,Products Are Mainly Used In Aerospace Shipbuilding,Construction And Other Fields,Strictly The Quality Pass,Superior Quality,Excellent Service,Popular Customer Favorite Products.

LG.W Flexible Grinding Wheel ,The Green Color Use For Grinding Metal Quality Is Divided Into The Medium Quality And High Quality:

Product Feature:

  1.  Sharp Products,Feel Is Good To Use

  2. Can Do OEM,Professional Grinding Metal,The Grit 24#/36#/60#/80#/100#/120#/240#/320#

  3. Safety Performance Is High,High Effciency And Stable

  4. Grinding Effect Is Good,Don't Burn The Workpiece

  5. Grinding Low Noise,Little dust

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